Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 4 of Round 2

Thursday October 1st
Starting weight: 268
Today's weight: 264

I was concerned about metabolic set points - since we had worked hard to stay at the last injection weight (mine was 268) I thought maybe it would be hard to lose weight and break that.

Evidently not, since in the last four days I've lost four pounds from that LIW, and 11 pounds from the loading weight of 275.

However the HCG immunity is something to keep in mind. I've lost my HCG immunity so it's working at full-strength. Hopefully over the next 30-something days I'll lose another 24 pounds and get down to my goal of 240.

And when I get there, whenever I get there, I'll make the decision as to whether I stay there or continue going. I don't know when I was that skinny before. Like I said, this is all uncharted waters.

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