Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 34 of Round 2 - GOOOOOAL!

Saturday October 31th
Starting weight: 268
Today's weight: 240


I have reached my arbitrary goal of 240. Yay!

On Wednesday we take our last dose of HCG for this round, and then have two more days of VLCD. But the weight you should maintain is the last-dose-weight, not the weight of the last actual day.

So between now and Wednesday it would be nice if:

a) I reach 239.0 - that would be 70 pounds from July 4th.
b) I reach 238.5 - that would be 30 pounds this round.

In case you haven't noticed, I like round numbers.

I have decided, however, that I can no longer eat any white fish for the foreseeable future. I just can't physically bring myself to put a forkful in my mouth. So for the next week it's chicken, shrimp, beef, or fat-free cottage cheese for my protein.


  1. Congrats on reaching that wonderful milestone! Also, thanks for the tip on the Leschi Market ... I went yesterday, they were very helpful!

  2. LMFAO!!!! You're my HERO!!!!

  3. Hey Alan! This last post was in October 2009.... whats the status as of today?
    Any weight gain? Did you do the 3rd round?

    Inquiring minds want to know!!! Please update!

  4. JB:

    Yeah! Okay, so after this goal, we went through the holiday season and I struggled to maintain in the 240s. Steak days and exercise helped, but thanksgiving, christmas parties and new years' were pretty tough.

    So I did one more round, and got down to 221 which was amazing, and bought a bunch of size-large t-shirts, but couldn't maintain it. So then I rebounded to the mid-230s where I am today.

    Since then it's been pretty easy to keep the weight off - exercising more and eating better, but I think I've successfully re-set my metabolic resting point.

    Thanks for the kind words!



  5. How much did your wife lose? How did her progress track compared to yours?

  6. Congrats, Alan! I just found your blog and read every entry-- it's very inspirational. I am curious about your wife's progress compared to yours, too. I lost almost 20 pounds in my first round, and my husband is going to join me for the next round. We'll start the day after Thanksgiving and go until Christmas. I think it might help to avoid all the Christmas parties and holiday food other than the two big days...


  7. You are definitely a natural writer! I super enjoyed your blog and I read every word. Congratulations for the weight loss and meeting your goals. Here it is nearly two years later and I was sharing your frustrations and celebrating your successes with you. I have just begun and am looking forward to success. Today is Day 1 of HCG oral drops and loading. Thanks a million for this enjoyable blog. God bless you.

  8. Thanks, y'all!

    Here's the latest:

    In January of 2010 I did another round and got down to 221. Really really skinny - and it didn't last. I hovered around 240 for year until November when K and I traveled to the UK and ate pub food and drank ale for two weeks, then Christmas hit - next thing I knew, I was at 255!

    So January of this year we started another round. Got up to 265 in loading but immediately dropped down to 255 during the first week, then over the course of six weeks down to 235.

    Hard to maintain 235, but I'm generally hovering between that and 245 and I'll be happy with this for the rest of my life.

    Best of luck to y'all.

    Remember, it's a lifestyle change - not a diet! Don't deny yourself the good and tasty, but maintaining the weight takes work. And if you have to plan on doing a round once a year for the rest of your life... it's not so bad!



  9. After reading each and every one of your posts, this one brought tears to my eyes---literally. Absolutely amazing!!!!

  10. I'd love to know where you are at now....Can you post an update?